Case Studies


NYC Pride

CrowdPass verification was required to attend all NYC Pride events for May 2022.
Per NYC Pride’s request, CrowdPass had extra staff on hand to provide 5 minute approval times for everyone attending the NYC Pride Parade.

Billy Joel Concert

CrowdPass optimized the Billy Joel concert that was held at the Greenwich town party.
Our customer success team worked with our development team to customize their account.
The customer success team was onsite for 2 days to ensure a smooth process.
CrowdPass was stationed at 4 different entry points to prescreen 10,000 attendees

BK Winery

CrowdPass safely implemented over 160 weddings and onsite events at the BK Winery.
CrowdPass was customized to each wedding's COVID-19 guidelines, whether that was negative test results, vaccination only, or both.
Each couple was added as a manager of their event page and was able to customize messaging and view their guest's approval status.

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