Our Mission

CrowdPass revolutionizes event management with a focus on enhancing attendee experiences
We specialize in empowering event managers though our suite of analytical tools and on-site features. With the attendee experience in mind; CrowdPass streamlines the process of creating cutting-edge, data-driven, and more secure live events.

Meet the Team


Duncan Abdelnour

Partner & Co-Founder

Lawrence Helfant

Partner & Co-Founder

Christopher Foote

Partner & Co-Founder

Norah Taylor

Director of Client Success

Emre Bayrak

Lead Developer

Martha Merriam

Marketing Director

Victoria Prezioso

Event Coordinator

Will Garin

Account Executive

Jason Cruz

Operations Coordinator

Benjamin Aug

Account Executive

Our Story

With over a decade of event experience, the founders collectively have worked on building event technology companies and disrupting the industry.

CrowdPass's sister company, CrowdSync was born in 2015 and has been a pioneer in the LED and RFID wearable space. In 2020, the founders began CrowdHealth to help keep people healthy and safe.

Leveraging their expertise in both the event and health sectors, the partners started CrowdPass. Combining safety with events was the first initiative. Now it's become so much more. CrowdPass is disrupting the way events are managed and the way event data is captured and consumed.

As the pandemic unfolded, the vulnerability of live events became evident. In response, CrowdPass was created as a solution to facilitate the return of live events. CrowdPass has since evolved into a multifaceted solution. Today, we are dedicated to curating memorable experiences and enhancing live events through comprehensive and seamless event management and organization."

Duncan Abdelnour
Co-Founder of CrowdPass

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