CrowdPass Is How The Future Works

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CrowdPass is a digital health software that develops safe environments of all types...


CrowdPass Offers A Full Suite Of Functionalities That Enable
Enterprises The Ability To Create And Monitor Safe Environments...

How it Works

Step 01

An Enterprise creates a CrowdPass Account

Step 02

The organizer will be prompted to fill out an information field allowing them to tailor their account for their specific needs.

Step 03

They are able to purchase credits to increase their account capacity.
All accounts start with 10 free credits.

Step 04

The organizer will upload a list of individuals and use our messaging feature to email their health screening form link or share it with other organizers.

Step 05

Users will complete their forms and submit their proof of Vaccination or Negative Test.

Step 06

Our support team manually reviews each submission and Approves or Rejects individuals based on their submission information

Step 07

As an organizer you will be able to monitor all submissions through our intuitive dashboard.

Step 08

Once approved, users will receive an email confirmation along with a CrowdPass QR code to be scanned by our CrowdPass Scanner app.