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Clearance. Entrance. Measurement and Management. How it works for event organizers: The CrowdPass platform manages events and presents real-time event data through its dashboard to event holders

1. Clear Them. We provide optional COVID-19 Health-Clearance and passports for any sized crowd.

2. Manage Them. Our state-of-the-art Attendee Management and Event Registration software can handle any event.

Ways to Use CrowdPass



Use our platform to create recurring events, every customer can fill out the waiver and upload a negative test or their vaccination card



Utilize our application for return to work clearance and compliance, our platform will help your company meet all clearance needs on a daily basis



Bring back conferences through clearance and compliance. Our application can manage attendees through seamless entry and access control

Sporting Events

Sporting Events

Our platform is designed for large sporting events too! Fully customizable and made easy for the fan. No need for a printed copy of documentation, simply upload it


Concerts & Festivals

Whether it's a three day festival or a one off, it's never been easier to clear and manage event goers through our seamless application

Wedding and Social Events

Weddings & Social Events

From weddings to social events, we’ve got you covered with all testing and screening run through our platform

Event Venues

Event Venues

With venues creeping up in capacity, our platform is perfect for helping you manage all attendees via seamless clearance and access control. We provide the option to clear attendees through a vaccination upload

Create events with unlimited possibilities, and craft your event schedule for a uniquely great experience every time.

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