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Graduation Ceremony Tickets

The Culinary Institute of America employed CrowdPass for streamlined ticketing, including ticket purchases, tracking, and scanning QR codes for check-ins for their graduation ceremonies.

Culinary Institute of America

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The CrowdPass Features Used

Event Registration

Students, family, and friends were able to register for each graduation ceremony via CrowdPass.

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Ticketing & Dashboard

CrowdPass hosted a custom event page to sell two types of graduation tickets. On the event host side, they used the ticketing dashboard to monitor ticket sales, revenue, and day-of-graduation ticket scans.

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Access Control & Check-In

The CrowdPass app was used to scan tickets to grant access into the ceremonies. Custom development by CrowdPass ensured that only individuals with the school’s email domain could purchase tickets.

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The Challenge:

  • Ticket Sales, Secure Distribution, & Access Control
  • The Culinary Institute of America holds graduation ceremonies three times annually.
  • They required an effective ticketing system to manage the events.
  • The system was designed to restrict ticket purchases to individuals with the school domain for safety.
  • Real-time data on ticket sales, revenue, and entrance scans was a key requirement for efficient event management.

The Solution:

  • The Culinary Institute of America implemented CrowdPass software and app for its graduation ceremonies.
  • Students registered and purchased tickets conveniently through CrowdPass, enabling easy sharing with family and friends.
  • Custom development was employed to enforce domain restrictions for ticket purchases.
  • Administrators utilized the CrowdPass ticketing dashboard to monitor ticket sales and revenue data.
  • Attendees gained entry to the event through ticket scans with the CrowdPass app.
  • Real-time scan data was monitored by administrators and security personnel to ensure event safety.