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Ecolab Celebration

CrowdPass revolutionized the Ecolab 100 celebration by providing seamless attendee check-ins, comprehensive attendee tracking, distributing LED wristbands, featuring interactive photo booths, and introducing NFC wristbands to elevate event activations.

Ecolab & Advoc8

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The CrowdPass Features Used

Attendee Check-In & Tracking

The utilization of CrowdPass for attendee check-in necessitated an efficient check-in system, enabling the seamless tracking of attendee arrivals while delivering real-time attendance data. Strategically positioned floor mats throughout the event precisely gauged attendee dwell times, offering valuable insights into where attendees spent the most time.

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NFC & LED Wristbands

NFC and LED wristbands were used to deliver a fully immersive attendee experience. With a simple tap of NFC wristbands, attendees could seamlessly check in and engage with interactive exhibits, including the Spark Exhibit and the photo booth. Moreover, our LED wristbands added a captivating illumination to the entire event, enhancing the concert experience.

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Photo Booth

Attendees had the opportunity to capture photos against a customized backdrop, and with a simple tap of their NFC wristband, they could instantly receive the image in their email along with a personalized message.

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The Challenge:

  • Check-In, Attendee Tracking, NFC & LED Integration, Interactive Experiences 
  • EcoLab sought a cutting-edge technological solution to transform their event, enhancing event management and delivering engaging experiences for attendees.
  • They required a streamlined check-in system that could efficiently track attendee arrivals, providing real-time insights into attendance figures.
  • EcoLab aimed to gauge attendee engagement by monitoring and analyzing which exhibits attracted the most interaction.
  • Additionally, they aspired to craft immersive attendee experiences through the integration of NFC technology, fostering interactivity and engagement.

The Solution:

  • Check-In, Attendee Tracking, NFC & LED Integration, Interactive Experiences 
  • Attendee Check-ins were expedited through wristband pairing, serving as their event portal
  • The Photo Booth experience featured personalized backdrops, activated with NFC wristbands, and attendees received their photos via email with custom messages.
  • The Spark Sculpture engaged attendees by allowing them to tap their wristbands to activate captivating lighting effects and graphics.
  • Attendees accessed additional information by simply tapping their wristbands at various information booths, with emails sent directly to them.
  • Attendee tracking was facilitated through the use of 17 RFID floor mats strategically placed at activation entrances, enabling event organizers to monitor visitor frequency and duration within event areas.
  • The controllable LED wristbands illuminated the concert with immersive effects during the performance.