Platform Overview

CrowdPass was designed with the event organizer in mind! Every feature you need to elevate and enhance your event from one platform. Ticketing, Access Control, Badge Printing, Smart Wearables, and more!

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Platform Features

Manage Unlimited Events

Host as many events as you want - no limits.

Configure Event Access

Set up zone access for your event. Ensure security.

Health & COVID-19 Screening

Meet test & vaccine requirements with our frictionless verification process.

Leverage Analytics

Use the event data gathered by CrowdPass to optimize current and future events. Let’s analyze it together.

Waiver Feature

Easily add a waiver or survey to your registration process. Reduce liability.

Manage Your Team

No one likes to run events alone. Involve your entire team in event management.
 Can image showing the CrowdPass event dashboard that allows event hosts to track data such as check-ins, attendee interactions, purchases, and more!

Orchestrate An Unlimited Number of Events

Host as many events as you need. CrowdPass offers a subscription option; the possibilities are endless.

Configure Event Access

Create attendee groups that may have varying access levels or roles. CrowdPass gives you the tools to ensure that your event runs in a smooth, organized fashion. For example, use our platform to ensure that only certain attendees can access VIP zones.
An image that shows how attendees can be tracked in real-time via the CrowdPass dashboard.
The custom QR code that attendees receive when registering for events with CrowdPass, these QR codes can be used to check-in.
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Health & COVID-19

Meet health mandates with our frictionless verification software. Allow us to approve (or reject) health vaccinations and test results.

Leverage Analytics

Utilize the powerful analytic functions of CrowdPass: track attendance, visitor demographics, engagement levels, health status, and much more!
This image showcases the interactive CrowdPass dashboard, designed to keep event organizers in tune with their event.
This image shows an example of a notification that event organizers recieve.
This image shows the health clearance form that event organizers can choose for their attendees to fill out.
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Waiver & Question Customization

Have your attendees complete a waiver as part of their registration, reducing your liability. Include customizable survey questions - have all your questions answered before the event starts!

Manage Your Team

Include your entire team on the CrowdPass platform. Add account administrators, event managers, and viewers to your enterprise account.
This image shows the event dashboard where hosts can access information on their upcoming events, teammates, company, and more.
Platform Overview FAQ

Frequently asked questions

Everything you need to know about the Platform Overview!
What is CrowdPass?
CrowdPass is an event solution software that revolutionizes event management while focusing on attendee experiences. 
How does CrowdPass ensure events run smoothly?
CrowdPass is an all-in-one event solution. CrowdPass meets all your event needs, from check-in to lead retrieval, reducing the number of event vendors. Our Event Dashboard helps you stay organized by providing a birds eye view of the event. With our app, quickly and efficiently check-in attendees, track attendees in real-time with access control, and engage attendees with lead retrieval and our photo booth. 
Can you export attendee data from CrowdPass?
Yes! All attendee data can be exported to a .csv file. 
Do you have reliable event support?
Our Event Support team will help ensure your event is a success by providing support before, during, and after the event.
Do you have user-friendly event technology?
CrowdPass Event Dashboard and mobile app are both intuitive and easy to use. CrowdPass provides one-on-one training and a vast support center with helpful articles and videos.

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