Check-In Solutions + Access Control

CrowdPass simplifies access control by allowing you to use ticketing, credentials, or physical barriers. Attendees or staff gain access to authorized areas with the tap of a wristband or scan of the QR code!

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CrowdPass Is An Industry Leader In Access Control Technologies For

Our robust platform allows you to safely and efficiently manage thousands people across multiple touchpoints using a variety of credentials. 
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What Is Access Control?

Access control refers to the process of managing and regulating the entry and presence of individuals at an event venue. 
It involves the use of various measures, such as ticketing, credentials, or physical barriers, to ensure that only authorized personnel and ticket holders can enter specific areas or sections of the event.

How Access Control Works with CrowdPass

Setting Up Access Control with CrowdPass:
Event Organizers give access levels to attendees based on metrics like ticket tiers or VIP status
Our online platform allows you to upload lists or register attendees directly though online signup pages.
Access levels are created via Attendee Groups such as General Amission, Staff, Press, VIP, Friday Staff, All Weekend Staff, etc.
Event Areas are then created which can then grant access to specific attendee groups

Onsite Credentialing & Access Scanning

When it comes to on-site event day implementation, CrowdPass offers various options, including on-site badge printing, to guarantee a swift and secure method for managing your access control requirements.

NFC Technology

CrowdPass is a leading provider of NFC-enabled credentials and credential management services, offering comprehensive on-site printing and customizable credential development, including wristbands, badges, and other unique printed credentials.
Your dedicated CrowdPass account representative will collaborate with you to create a customized credential of your preference and facilitate its direct shipment to your location..
Next, through the mobile app, you can efficiently pair a credential with an attendee in a seamless process that typically takes less than 10 seconds per individual.
Attendee Lookup
Tap Wearable to Device
Wearable is Paired
to Attendee

Once attendees have been paired to their credential they are ready to be Checked In to various Event Areas & Gates throughout a venue.

Event staff can scan each attendee’s credentials or CrowdPass can deploy automated NFC Scanners for attendees to Tap In to. Granting them access to specific areas and zones throughout an event or venue.
The Credential is now paired with the attendee, admin users also have the ability to change an attendees Access Group within the mobile app.
You then get a birds eve view of all areas throughout an event including
Recent Check Ins
Current Capacities of Each Area
Ability to limit capacity to a certain number of attendees
Ability to set a scanner to ‘Check Out’ attendees exiting an area, reducing the current capacity.
All stats updated in real time both on the CrowdPass Mobile App along with the CrowdPass Desktop Dashboard.

Event Check In & Access Scanning

Check-In through IOS handheld devices running the CrowdPass app
iPhone Scanners Tap or Scan Credentials  using the CrowdPass App
Photo Verification can also be used as we can add a photo to each attendee either submitted beforehand or photos taken at registration through the CrowdPass mobile app. 

Benefits of Access Control?

Access control helps maintain security, safety, and order by preventing unauthorized entry and ensuring that attendees are in the right places at the right times during the event.
Check-in Solutions + Access Control

Frequently asked questions

Everything you need to know about the CrowdPass Check-in Solutions + Access Control
Can you use an app to check in attendees?
Yes! app is available in the iOS App Store.
How do you check in attendees at the event?
Every attendee is sent a QR code to their email after completing registration. At check-in, simply scan their QR codes to check them in. 
What are attendee groups?
Attendees can be segmented into groups for varying event access levels, like VIP, General Admission, Speakers, and more!
Can you upload an attendee list into CrowdPass?
Yes! Attendees can be uploaded into CrowdPass with an Excel file. 
Can you upload photos to attendee profiles?
Yes! You can upload a photo of an attendee for Photo Verification in our event dashboard or the mobile app. 
Can you track how many attendees attended a session?
Yes! You can track attendance by checking attendees into sessions using their NFC wearable or QR code.
Can you export attendee data after the event to optimize for future events?
Yes! All event data and analytics can be exported to an Excel file. 

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