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Alleluia Ball 2023

CrowdPass revolutionized the Alleluia Ball experience by seamlessly integrating NFC wristbands via the CrowdPass app. These wristbands enabled personalized check-ins, donations, access to fundraiser videos, and heightened engagement through LED technology, creating an electrifying and engaging event atmosphere.

Rock the House / Alleluia Ball 2023

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The CrowdPass Features Used

Attendee Check-In

The CP (Check-in Process) app facilitated effortless attendee registration, linking their wristbands to their personal information. Every tap during the event was accurately tracked within the CrowdPass site, ensuring a smooth and organized experience.

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Tap to Play Activation

NFC-enabled wristbands at the event facilitated seamless interactions: attendees tapped their wristbands on synchronized phones to make donations, swiftly recording contributions as bids changed. Additionally, participants engaged with NFC readers, accessing informative fundraiser videos, not only educating them but also tracking their interaction to potentially increase donations.

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Custom LED & NFC Wristbands

Enhanced with personalized LED NFC wristbands displaying the event logo, each attendee's profile was seamlessly linked. These wristbands elevated interaction and excitement by lighting up as participants hit the dance floor, courtesy of NFC-enabled tap-to-play activations.

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The Challenge:

  • Seamless Donation Methods, Increased Donations, Interactive Experience
  • Rock the House aimed to revolutionize the Alleluia Ball's fundraising approach by integrating innovative technological methods.
  • The objective was to streamline the donation process, fostering simplicity and boosting overall donation figures.
  • Additionally, Rock the House strived to create an engaging, interactive, and cutting-edge technological experience for Alleluia Ball attendees, making it an exciting and immersive event.

The Solution:

  • Tap for Pledges: Placed two phones on each table, synchronized to update bid amounts simultaneously. Attendees utilized NFC wristbands to make donations by tapping their wristband to the phone, recording contributions efficiently within our system as bids progressed from 25,000 to 50,000 and so on.
  • Interactive Information Sharing: Attendees engaged by tapping their NFC wristbands to NFC readers to access informative videos, educating them about the fundraiser. This method not only informed participants but also tracked their engagement to potentially boost donations.
  • Effortless Check-in Process: Through our app, attendees seamlessly registered, pairing their wristbands with their information. Every tap throughout the event was accurately tracked within the CrowdPass site, ensuring a smooth and organized experience.
  • Branded LED Wristbands with NFC Technology: Utilized branded LED wristbands integrated with NFC readers, offering a cohesive and user-friendly method for interaction and engagement during the event.