Lead Retrieval

Ditch the stack of business cards today! Simply create your CrowdPass profile and exchange contact information with the tap of a wristband or scan of the QR code.

Contact Sales

NFC Digital Business Card

Our NFC digital business card technology allows you to create and share all your contact information with other conference attendees by tapping your phone.

Customize Profiles

Create a customizable profile with your contact information, social media links, and include your company logo and branding to help you make an outstanding impression.

Lead Retrieval

Easily scan the NFC digital business card of other attendees to instantly capture their contact information and add them to your lead database. Efficient way to build your network.

Track Analytics

Track and analyze your lead generation efforts with detailed analytics and reporting. See how many business cards you’ve exchanged, lead’s you’ve captured and meetings you’ve scheduled.

Integration & Compatibility

Our NFC digital business card and lead retrieval mobile site is compatible with most smartphones and requires no additional hardware or software. It can also integrate with popular CRMs, such as Salesforce, to streamline your lead generation efforts.

Create an Account

Connect and view an Attendees profile

Add attendees to your 
own personalized Lists

Manage Your Lists 
From each event

Follow up and message 
your contacts

Lead Retrieval Has Never Been Easier!

Trade Shows

Our NFC digital business card and lead retrieval site is perfect for trade shows and exhibitions. Simplify the networking process and generate leads seamlessly.


Connect with other conference attendees and capture valuable leads with our NFC digital business card and lead retrieval technology.

Networking Events

Make a lasting impression at networking events by sharing your customizable digital business card and capturing contact information with other attendees.

Ready to upgrade your next event with NFC Smart Networking?

Our NFC digital business card and lead retrieval mobile site is available for purchase on a subscription basis. We offer a variety of pricing plans to fit any budget, and we also offer a free trial period so you can try before you buy.

Take control of your lead generation and simplify your networking efforts with our NFC digital business card and lead retrieval mobile site. Try it today and see how it can help you make the most of your conference experience.
Photo Booth FAQ

Frequently asked questions: Photo Booths

Everything you need to know about the CrowdPass Photo Booth!
Can I utilize our own custom branding or frame?
Yes! You can design branding for the photo booth stand as well as design custom frames for the photos.
How do we get our Photo Booth for our event?
CrowdPass will ship out your Photo Booth, prior to your event. They come in a robust shipping case and are super easy to set up. You will get instructions on how to from your CrowdPass rep.
How do RFID NFC wristbands work with the Photo Booth?
CrowdPass's innovative RFID NFC technology allows you to a pair a wristband to each attendee. When they take a photo, they simply to the Photo Booth NFC reader and their email is automatically added.
Are the photos high quality?
Yes! CrowdPass booths come in 2 options, an iPad Pro with a high quality facing front camera or an iPad Pro + a DSLR camera for extremely high quality professional photos.
Do we need to add lighting or a back drop?
Each CrowdPass Photo Booth comes with an integrated LED Ring Light. We can also add additional lighting to ensure the photos are well lit and match your events aesthetic.

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