The Vaccine Passport For In- Person Assembly, Events & Offices.

Modern Digital Health Clearance

CrowdPass provides digital COVID-19 vaccination & Negative test clearance for events & workplaces.

CrowdPass x ECAP 21

CrowdPass helped clear all attendees at the annual ECAP summit through vaccination approval & On-Site testing.

Digital Health

The CrowdPass platform Digital Health integration currently allows for event organizers to invite
attendees to an event and require the digital upload of Personal Health Information for our platform to analyze and approve of accordingly.

Digital Health Functionality 1

Creation & Customization

Create and customize events 1-time or recurring specific to the health and clearance specifications y and clearance specifications your event necessitates

Digital Health Functionality 1
Digital Health Functionality 2

Attendee Clearance

Screen and Pre-Clear attendees’ health statuses for the ultimate live vent peace of mind for everyone involved

Digital Health Functionality 2

Ways to Use CrowdPass



Simply register guests at the door or take it above and beyond and opt to utilize the Health-Clearance toolset of our Attendee Management software. Every guest can fill out the waiver and upload and upload vaccination cards.



Utilize our Attendee Management application for return to work registration, or Health-Clearance and Vaccination Proofing, as well as Compliance and Access Control. Help your company meet all clearance needs on a recurring daily basis



Conferences are back through CrowdPass. Track every attendee's registration. Utilize Access Control. Or even provide Digital Health Clearance. Our application can manage attendees through seamless entry and access control. Streamlined conferences the CrowdPass way.

Sporting Events

Sporting Events

Our platform is incredible for large sporting events too! Fully customizable and made easy for the fan. Event Registration and Access Control to seamlessly CrowdPass thousands of fans. Digital Health Clearance for Vaccine only sections? You got it! Mix and Match between Attendee Management options. Game on!


Concerts & Festivals

Whether it's a three day festival or a one off, it's never been easier to control access of attendees and register everyone across the event. Opt to Health-Clear and manage event goers through our seamless application too. Concerts and Festivals are back!

Wedding and Social Events

Weddings & Social Events

We've CrowdPassed thousands of guests for seamless weddings. The Big Day just got easier. From weddings to social events, we’ve got you covered with Event Registration, Access Control, and/or Digital Health-Clearance. Love is in the air!

Event Venues

Event Venues

With venues back and regaining capacity, our platform has been perfect for helping you manage all attendees via seamless clearance and access control. Name the venue and we'll open the doors.

Create events with unlimited Attendee Management possibilities, and craft your event schedule for a uniquely great experience every time.

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