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Making Event Safety Management The Priority in 2023

Post-pandemic, roughly 32 million people attended music festivals this past year. Festivals have acquired a long-lasting reputation with music lovers dating back to Woodstock in 1969. Fans appreciate the opportunity to see their favorite artist on different stages and the energy of other music enthusiasts. Despite the exorbitant cost of two-day passes, festivals continue to obtain record-breaking numbers in ticket sales. But, as we all know, with great power and influence comes great responsibility. The event organizer's role is not just to find the right talent and vendors but also to guarantee a safe environment for attendees. Here are ways to ensure your event-goers feel safe while they rave. 

Large Crowds Can Be Dangerous

In 2021, musician Travis Scott experienced major devastation during his Astro Tour when eight of his fans were fatally injured. The cause of death was asphyxiation. Unfortunately, this is one of the leading causes of fatalities during live shows. Researchers have found that chances of serious injuries can reduce if attendees avoid mosh pits, wear proper shoes, stay sober, and be aware of exit routes and their surroundings. Event organizers can act diligently by including this advisory on the confirmation ticket and as a reminder leading to the event. 

Adequate Support

Organizers should also prepare to have adequate security. There should be one trained security specialist for every 100 attendees. CrowdPass event ticketing platform can provide real-time analysis to track ticket sales to help organizers plan for support in advance. The platform also includes a tier system to monitor general admissions, VIPs, and other classified attendees. Organizers should also supply enough barriers to limit over-populating specific areas and officials to scout potential threats. 

Access to Food & Beverages

Most festivals begin at noon and continue to late evenings. Generally, venues are stationed outside and often in extreme heat conditions. These circumstances may cause longer wait times for amenities, especially concession stands. This can contribute to dehydration and other health related concerns. Organizers should consider contactless payments like CrowdSync'S NFC wearables that allow attendees to prepay for food and beverages before the event. The tap-and-go feature using the wearables can limit wait times and improve inventory planning.

Emergency Details

Wearable technology not only enhances your guest experience but also helps manage the safety of your attendees. CrowdPass software connects information directly uploaded by attendees using CrowdSync’s NFC wearables. That includes emergency contact information and a detailed list of predisposed health conditions. In case of an emergency, first responders can easily access the information by connecting the wearable with an administrative account. 

A Lot has changed since Woodstock 69 and event organizers should continue to revolutionize the perception of their event. One thing is for sure, tragedies are difficult to come back from and can tarnish a brand's reputation indefinitely. Making safety the number one priority will increase the chances of attendees bragging about their experience under the laser lights and preplanning to do it all again next year.

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