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Everything you need to know about the CrowdPass Event Management Platform

Getting Started, Free Trials & Overview

Is there a free trial available?
Yes please get in touch with us or fill out a Schedule a Demo form to get started with an initial free trial!
How much does CrowdPass Cost? 
CrowdPass is a customized solution based on each clients specific needs, as such platform pricing is generally tailored in either a SaaS or per event model based on a number of factors including # of events, attendees, access needed, and platform features.  Book a Meeting with one of our CrowdPass account reps to learn more!
Can I add additional team members to my account? 
Yes! CrowdPass makes it easy to add additional users to your organization. You can also further set roles such as Admin, Manager & Viewer to different members.

Attendees, Check-in Solutions & Access Control 

Can you use an app to check in attendees?
Yes! app is available in the iOS App Store. 
How do you check in attendees at the event?
Every attendee is sent a QR code to their email after completing registration. At check-in, simply scan their QR codes to check them in. 
What are attendee groups?
Attendees can be segmented into groups for varying event access levels, like VIP, General Admission, Speakers, and more! Group level access can be set to specific access control areas.
Can you upload an attendee list into CrowdPass?
Yes! Attendees can be uploaded into CrowdPass with an Excel file. 
Can you upload photos to attendee profiles?
Yes! You can upload a photo of an attendee in our event dashboard or the mobile app. Attendees can also upload their own profile photos in the CrowdPass app or web login.  
Can you track how many attendees attended a session?
Yes! You can track attendance by checking attendees into sessions using their NFC RFID wearable or QR code.
Can you export attendee data after the event to optimize for future events?
Yes! All event data and analytics can be exported to an Excel file. 
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