Event Marketing

Current Trends for Event Marketing

Current Trends for Event Marketing 

Planning an event goes beyond organizing a function for your peers and individuals with similar interests to attend. For some, event planning requires creativity, a keen eye for detail, and a meticulous network. To master the art of planning, organizers must stay current with the latest trends and consider tips that can help exceed expectations and build a reputation for the next. 

Finding the Right Audience

Many event organizers make the mistake of only focusing on filling the room. Having a large turnout to support a cause is always a great feeling but event planning isn’t the same as throwing a house party. The invitation list should include individuals who have expressed interest or share close affiliation and are willing to support the brand in different capacities. Event-goers will enjoy the company of other guests with similar interests aligned with the event's objective.   Facebook and other popular social media platforms provide users access to like-minded personalities wanting to build awareness and grow a larger community. Creating a customer segmentation and connecting on these platforms can help organizers find their right audience. 

The Power of Social Media 

Social media can help event planners find their ideal audience and are also a great marketing tool to spread awareness. Using platform features like Instagram and Facebook Live has proven impactful when promoting an event. Twitter is also a great source for registration updates and reminders. Attendees appreciate the build-up of anticipation and also try to avoid the fear of missing out on a memorable experience. Credible influencers that fit the mold of the event's image can also help organizers build anticipation. Partnering with an influencer with a large following can be highly beneficial to build awareness for the event and increase excitement. 

The Effectiveness of Email Marketing

Email is arguably the best form of communication to date. Unless the content is time-sensitive, messages can be opened at the receiver's convenience and require less attention than SMS. Statistically, about 70% of respondents from a recent study agree that email marketing is the most effective event marketing strategy. Drafting a newsletter and updating a CRM list is essential in event planning but can seem endless. Partnering with an event management software company like CrowdPass can abdicate the stress of planning and handling details such as email marketing and event registration. 

Affiliate Marketing 

Gaining partnerships with external sources is another great way to augment the awareness of events. Event organizers can connect with affiliate marketers that share an interest or have knowledge of their specific brand or service. Marketers will promote the upcoming event through their network with the expectation of being compensated through commission. They can drive traffic to the event website, execute campaigns, write press releases, and contribute to the organization's CRM list. 

There are endless sources to choose from when looking for event planning support. Whether the organization's objective is to build awareness or drive sales, learning different opportunities to improve outreach will increase the chances of hosting an exceptional event. 

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