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The CrowdPass Access Control Platform

Access Control solutions are an important part to any large scale event and security plan. By utilizing an Access Control platform such as CrowdPass, you can limit and track the movement of people throughout your event.

The CrowdPass Access Control systems make use of several technologies like NFC, scanning, and smart credentials to grant or deny access. This is especially important for large events where you want to maintain a high level of security and have different levels of credentials.

By using the CrowdPass Access Control platform, you can assign different access levels to various types of Attendee and Staff Groups. Such as VIP ticket holders having access to VIP & Hospitality lounges, or what areas backstage a vendor or staff wristband might have access to. 

This helps to prevent security issues and keeps everyone safe by limiting access to areas only to persons designated to be there.

If you're looking for a safe and easy way to improve your events badges, NFC Smart Credentials are the perfect solution. Whether you choose a NFC enabled wristband or conference badge, you can rest assured that you'll be able to seamlessly check in and enjoy your event. 

With CrowdPass, scanning in is a breeze - simply hold your credential up to the scanner and you're good to go. Plus, access control is a breeze with NFC Smart Credentials. Whether you're attending a concert, fest

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