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6 Tips for Effective Lead Generation with NFC Technology


In the world of event management, staying ahead of the game requires innovative strategies to generate leads. One powerful tool that has revolutionized lead generation is Near Field Communication (NFC) technology. By using NFC for lead generation, your event management company can streamline the process and enhance the overall experience for both exhibitors and attendees.

Effective Lead Generation: How To

Here are seven tips to help you make the most of NFC technology for effective lead generation:

  1. Educate Your Team and Participants: Before the event, ensure that your team and exhibitors are well-trained on how to use NFC technology. Provide clear instructions on how attendees can use their smartphones or NFC wearables to scan QR codes or tap on NFC-enabled devices to connect with exhibitors. The more everyone understands how it works, the smoother the lead generation process will be.
  2. Promote Networking Opportunities: Encourage attendees to use NFC technology for networking purposes. By tapping their wearables together, they can instantly exchange contact information, fostering meaningful connections and turning each interaction into a potential lead. Make sure to promote these features and provide guidance on how to use them effectively.
  3. Customize Lead Capture Forms: Utilize the capabilities of NFC technology to create customized lead capture forms that align with the specific needs of your event and exhibitors. Collect information that is valuable to both parties, such as contact details, product interests, and purchasing intent. Make sure the forms are user-friendly and quick to complete.
  4. Efficient Data Capture with Notes: One of the standout features of NFC lead generation feature on CrowdPass is the ability to add notes. Attendees' profiles are automatically saved in your CrowdPass account, allowing you to add notes and specific details about each interaction. This can be invaluable for your sales and marketing teams, providing them with insights for personalized follow-ups.
  5. Offer Incentives for Engagement: Encourage attendees to participate in lead generation by offering incentives such as exclusive discounts, giveaways, or access to premium content. Exhibitors can promote these incentives at their booths, motivating attendees to interact with their NFC technology.
  6. Follow Up & Nurture Leads: Don't let lead generation fade with the event's end. Execute a strong follow-up plan for the NFC-captured leads. Equip exhibitors with tools like automated emails and personalized messages to maintain engagement. Swiftly connect with leads post-event, ideally within 24-48 hours, using event notes and data for tailored communication. This underlines your genuine interest in meeting attendees' needs.

CrowdPass Lead Generation Platform

In the competitive landscape of event management, harnessing the power of NFC technology for lead generation can be a game-changer.

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