CrowdPass Passive RFID Attendee Floor Mat Tracking

CrowdPass Attendee Tracking
CrowdPass’s innovative UHF RFID Long Range Wristbands & Credentials allow you to seamlessly track attendance levels throughout your event in a passive, non-invasive way.

Our UHF RFID Tags can be applied to wristbands, traditional conference badges, and tokens. Easily assign tags to attendees in the CrowdPass event platform or mobile app to track and monitor movements throughout your event or venue.

Key UHF RFID Floor Mate Features:

Easy Tag  Assigment
Assign tags quickly through the CrowdPass platform or directly in our user-friendly mobile app.
Real-Time Tracking
Monitor attendee movements within your event or venue, ensuring better crowd management and enhanced security.
Data Insights
Gather valuable data on attendee behavior, preferences, and movement patterns, vital for post-event analysis and future planning.
Extended Range
UHF technology ensures a wider range and more reliable tracking than standard ‘tap’ RFID systems.
Custom Activations & Applications
Long Range Passive RFID is great for Surprise & Delight Activations from creating custom messages as an attendee walks into an area or a personalized audio/visual greeting based on an attendee’s movement.
Customizable Tags
Personalize the look and feel of your RFID tags to align with your event branding and aesthetics. Our tags come in many forms, including wristbands, conference badges, and tokens.

How It Works

RFID Floor Mats
Place UHF RFID floor mats strategically around the venue to seamlessly track attendees' movements as they walk over the floor mats  wearing RFID wristbands or conference badges.
Real-Time Tracking on
Event Dashboard:
Instantly monitor and analyze attendee data in real time through our intuitive event dashboard. Gain insights into crowd dynamics, popular event areas, and overall engagement as it happens.
Comprehensive Data
Easily export detailed attendee tracking data from the event dashboard. This feature allows you to analyze, share, and integrate the information for post-event reporting and strategic planning.
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