Quick & Easy Lead Retrieval with CrowdPass

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Step 1

Attendee profile can be automatically created and synced with their CrowdPass Attendee Profile

Step 2

Attendees have full control over their profile, allowing them to easily edit and enhance their information with additional details such as bios, links, and profile photos.

Step 3

Exhibitors and participants can effortlessly scan an attendee's QR code on their badges or tap their CrowdPass NFC RFID wearable using any smartphone. This allows them to seamlessly add notes about the attendee and include them in a designated list, therefore, saving the lead.


Harness the Power of QR Codes & NFC RFID Tech


Simply open the camera on any iPhone or smartphone and click on the QR code to instantly open a URL, directing them to the mobile-friendly attendee page.

No Lead Retrieval App Needed

NFC RFID Wristbands, Wearables & Badges

Utilize branded and stylish NFC RFID wearables, such as our silicone wristbands or conference badges.

Seamlessly scan NFC RFID tags with any smartphone using the device's native functionality.

Exhibitors can tap their phone to the attendee's NFC RFID wearable, instantly accessing the attendees lead profile page on their phone.

No Lead Retrieval App Needed

Smart Wristband

Smart Badges

Smart Business

Exhibitor Features:

CrowdPass's lead retrieval tool offers a user-friendly solution to amplify the presence of your exhibitors and sponsors at your event. Maximize their impact with ease and efficiency.

No need for a separate lead retrieval app. Our platform is built with a mobile web-first approach, allowing any smartphone to access it, saving valuable time for busy exhibitors.

Create custom lists to efficiently organize your new contacts and leads.

Add notes about attendees to capture important details of conversations for enhanced lead management.

Effortlessly export all your lists to a CSV file within seconds, keeping your contacts organized and easily importable into your preferred CRM system.

Perfect for events, conferences, or festivals

Quick and Easy Lead Retrieval for Sponsors and Exhibitors

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