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CrowdPass, your ultimate destination for conference badges and NFC-enabled smart conference badges. Discover how our innovative solutions streamline event access, enhance networking opportunities, and provide seamless on-site badge printing for a hassle-free experience.

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Our Conference Badges

Customizable & Tech Enabled Badges

CrowdPass Conference Badges

Work with the CrowdPass team to design your conference badges before your event begins!

Custom colorization, size, design, and branding - add images, your logo, and more

Multiple Options including FanFold Paper Badges & PVC Rigid Plastic Badges

Speed up check-ins and allow your attendees to Self Check in with our automated iPad Badge Printers

CrowdPass Smart NFC Conference Badges

Take your badges a step further by incorporating an NFC chip

Personalized NFC conference badges tailored to your event branding

NFC technology embedded in badges for seamless attendee engagement and interaction - such as lead retrieval

Customizable features such as attendee information, session access, and networking capabilities

Enhanced security with encrypted NFC technology for secure access control

Real-time data tracking and analytics through NFC-enabled badges for valuable insights

Integration with CrowdPass platform for seamless lead retrieval and attendee management

Enables easy check-in, session tracking, and interactive experiences through NFC-enabled badges

CrowdPass Onsite Badge Printing

No time to order badges ahead? No stress, CrowdPass offers onsite badge printing!
Using Zebra Printers, CrowdPass can print badges within seconds!
Add last minute attendees without a hiccup
Badges can be printed as labels, paper, or plastic - you choose the material that works best for you!
Automated iPad Badge Printers can be setup - an attendee simply scans their CrowdPass QR code or looks up their name and Prints their badge automatically
Badges can be customized in terms of imaging, logos and colors

Witness the success story of our corporate client who harnessed the power of our onsite badge printing and lead retrieval services, transforming their event into an unforgettable triumph.

CrowdPass carries it all: PVC Full Color Printed Badges, Paper Fan Fold Badges and Printed Name Tags!

Experience the convenience of instant gratification with CrowdPass's onsite badge printing, turning tedious badge preparation into a seamless and efficient process at your fingertips.

Save time and staff with Self Serve Attendee Badge Printing to Speed up Lines through our CrowdPass iPad Printer Stations - fill out the form below to get started today!

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