Health Test & Vaccination Verification Software

CrowdPass helps events and organizations with its marketing-leading health clearance software. We can validate or reject health tests and vaccinations within one hour. Don’t let COVID-19 and other illnesses stop your event!

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Safe Events

Ensure attendees have been vaccinated.

Rapid Verification

Approvals through Human API or manual review.

Easy for Attendees

Simple online form and QR code for event access.


How It Works

Attendee Completes the Screening Form

Your attendee agrees to the waiver and answers a couple of standard health screening questions. The waiver and questions are fully customizable.


How It Works

CrowdPass Performs Rapid Proof Validation

CrowdPass has access to test results and vaccination data from over 30,000 providers, labs, and pharmacies, allowing us to validate attendee data within 1 hour.


How It Works

Attendee Receives QR Code for Event Access

Approved attendee receives a personal QR code and scans it at the event entrance.

Customize Clearance Process to Your Needs

Configure Proof Requirements

Select tests and vaccines you accept.

Ask Your Screening Questions

Add your screening questions, or use the standard ones..

Upload Own Waiver

Reduce your liability by having attendees quickly check your waiver.

See Your Attendees Status

Each event manager has access to the CrowdPass event management platform where they can oversee attendees and their submissions. 
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