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  • Health

  • Create the safest environments possible through CrowdPass' digital health-clearance functionality.

    CrowdPass gets you through the door.
  • Data

  • Detailed data delivery on whats most important to you. Dashboards and reporting available.

    CrowdPass is the new way to data.
  • Questionnaire

  • Customizable forms for surveys, screening and verification at your finger tips.

    Customize health forms, and have the power to say what is required at your gathering.

    CrowdPass answers the questions for you.
  • Security

  • The CrowdPass QR code allows for the highest-level of access control when entering an event, an office or a school.

    CrowdPass is your boarding pass for life.
  • Messenger

  • Effectively Communicate with your users via email with CrowdPass' customizable messenger hub.

    Stay connected with CrowdPass.
  • Enterprise Portal

  • The ability for your CrowdPass Admin to create, organize, and track your enterprises stats over time.

    Build out your team with CrowdPass.
  • Design

  • Customize & brand your account with company logos, banners and overall language. Design your account the way you see fit.

    CrowdPass makes our platform yours.
  • Support

  • Our Support team is hands on and ready to assist. This feature offers a direct line of requests about the platform & configuration.

    CrowdPass takes away the headaches.
User Features



Digital-Health Screening

Health Screening Form

Digital-Health Waiver

Upload Navigation  Test  Results or Vaccine Proof

Data and Analytics

Green Check Mark


User Feature 3 - Upload Navigation Test Results or Vaccine Proof
User Feature 2 - Health Screening Form
User Feature 3 - Upload Navigation Test Results or Vaccine Proof
User Feature 4 - Green Check Mark
Create Organization Profile

Customize Your Experience

Create Event

Monitor Registration

Green Check Marks in the Dashboard

Monitor Stats in the Dashboard

Export Data of Attendees

Export Data of Users

Admin Feature 1 - Control Access of Attendees
Admin Feature 2- Create Organization Profile
Admin Feature 3 - Create Event
Admin Feature 4 - Montior Events and relevant stats in the Dashboard
Admin Feature 5 - Export Data of Attendees

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