CrowdPass for Gyms, Golf, Country Clubs and Other Membership Organizations

CrowdPass is a all in one solution that helps membership organizations manage members and access through NFC Technology such as Apple Wallet / Apple Pay, and NFC RFID Wristbands, Membership Cards and many other credential options.

Whether your a Gym, Country Club, Golf Course, Yacht Club, Health and Tennis Clubs or any other private membership club or organization CrowdPass can help you streamline your check in and membership process.

Managing your membership has never been easier with streamlined backend platform that allows you to setup and see recurring payments, create or revoke membership credentials and allow guests to seamlessly check in to your venue.

Mobile Wallet Passes

CrowdPass is leading innovator in membership wallet passed providing both digital passes through Apple Wallet & Google Wallet branded membership cards encoded with NFC passes. 
Each wallet pass can be branded with your organizations logos & colors and can be used for membership checkin through CrowdPass’s proprietary NFC readers. Passes can be generated instantly and emailed directly to members for them to load in their mobile devices in just a few seconds.

NFC RFID Wristbands, Cards & Fobs

Along with the Digital Wallet Passes, CrowdPass can help create bespoke membership credentials including Wristbands & Wearables, Metal or Plastic Membership Cards and Key Fobs all embedded with NFC RFID Tags that are uniquely assigned to each member.
Our team can help design custom branded credentials including logo imprinting as well as member name, member ID or membership number or title on each credential.
Each credential can then be used to Tap In to check into the venue providing your staff with a real time quick and easy access control solution.

Realtime Data & Analytics

The CrowdPass platform will give you a birds eye view of venue and member activity including
  • Check in reporting on Hourly, Daily, Weekly and Monthly Levels 
  • Realtime daily Check In counts and capacity counts 
  • Individual Member Check In History
Instant Access
Speed up the entry process with our quick-scan NFC wristbands, mobile wallet and other credentials
Enhanced Security
Safeguard your venue and members with knowing exactly who is entering and when
Integration Friendly
Effortlessly integrate with your existing membership system for a seamless transition.
Branding Opportunities
Customize the look and feel of your credentials with the CrowdPass bespoke design process.

Benefits for Membership Organizations:

Say goodbye to long queues. With a quick tap, your members are inside and ready to enjoy.
Member Data Analytics
Get insights into peak times, member preferences, and attendance patterns.
Premium Feel
Offer a tech-savvy and modern touch that aligns with the elite reputation of your venue.
Durable and reusable, our wristbands are an eco-friendly alternative to disposable passes

Ready to Upgrade Your Membership Experience?

Reach out to our dedicated team to learn more about how CrowdPass can transform your venue's check-in experience.