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Smart NFC
Conference Badges

NFC, the same technology behind Apple Pay and tap-to-pay credit cards can also be incredibly useful to create ‘Smart Badges’ for Conferences & Events.

NFC or ‘Near-Field Communication’ is a proximity-based communication tool, similar to RFID tags. However, the benefit of NFC is its native compatibility with both Apple iPhones and Android phones. It is incredibly useful when sharing data as it does not requre the download of an additional app..

A NFC Conference Badge can be easily programmed to share a wide range of iPhone native fields such as

A Custom URL to any website or link, examples includeHeading

  • Link to an attendees Linkedin or Website
  • Link to a Landing Page for an exhibitor
  • Link to Event Website, Schedule or App
  • Smart Links such as Linktree that can contain all your valuable links

A Custom URL to any website or link, examples includeHeading

An Email, which when opened will contain a custom preset subject line and configured address

Wifi Access - access a wifi network and password with the tap of an NFC

SMS - Share a Number and Message to pre-populate with the tap of NFC

Another huge benefit of Smart NFC Badges is the ability to have attendees ‘Tap in’, allowing the tracking of attendence levels throughout the event. Using the CrowdPass platform, espeically designed for NFC wearables, you can assign an NFC Badge to an attendee and have the attendee ‘Scan In’ at various event checkpoints.

Our Access Control platform, together with NFC enabled badges is a great way to:

Gather insights on what areas of your event or conference are the busiest, and see stats on attendance levels for your main Keynotes, Break out rooms, or off-site events.

Assign Access Levels based on Registration & Ticket Type

Limit or Allow Access to different areas of the events, and check attendees status with a simple scan or tap using the CrowdPass Mobile App

Increase Upsells by stopping people from ‘sneaking in’ to exclusive access areas

Even better, sn’t limited to just our Smart Conference Badges. CrowdPass offers a wide range of NFC enabled wearables including Wristbands, Lanyards and Cards.

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