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Founders Duncan Abdelnour and Lawrence Helfant started CrowdSync Technology in 2015, an event experience company specializing in LED wristbands and RFID technology. In light of the pandemic, the two founders saw the events industry slowly dying and shifted their focus to the delivery of personal protective equipment to those in need.

" When we saw the NBA and NHL shutting down we knew we were in trouble, we had just locked in a contract for 6 playoff games booked with the Dallas Stars and then the calls for cancellations starting rolling in. So we did what we do best. We adapted. "

Duncan Abdelnour

After the birth of CrowdHealth, using their knowledge of the events industry & experience with CrowdHealth, CrowdPass was Launched. Combining safety with events was the first initiative. Now it's become so much more.

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Crowdpass - Lawrence Helfant

Lawrence Helfant
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Duncan Abdelnour
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Christopher Foote
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