The Return to Normal In-Person Assembly Is Here!

Here are the COVID safety guidelines by state for the events industry. Click on the state you want to see the latest easy updates for.

It's been a difficult year for the events industry, with regulations constantly changing in different locations it's hard to keep up with all of these guidelines!

Surely, it seems as though the effect COVID is having on our life is diminishing, so we’re providing you with in depth regulations and guidelines to follow.

With our CrowdPass Health-Clearance Platform for In-Person Assembly it makes it easy to follow all state regulations. Acting as an easy Health-Passport for all events , it's seamless & opens the doors for event organizers.

Combine that with CrowdHealth's one-stop-shop PPE solution and certified medical grade supplies, you have yourself the safest event possible.

To learn more and and educate yourself further on the topic or regulations, check out our insights by clicking on the states above, and learn how we can open your doors. Ready for your free demo? Schedule away! Our dedicated sales and support staff will guide you the entire way.

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