Enterprise Onboarding

  • Creating your account

  • -Decide whether it’s a one-time or recurring use.
    -Name of your Organization or event name
    -Input a start date and end dateActivate your account!
  • https://app.crowdpass.co/host/signup

Private Or Public Access

Public Access:

Anyone can register  and receive a QR code for access. Users can share the page with other people and bring guests with them.

Private Access:

Only invited individuals can register and receive  a QR code for access. Optionally, you can allow them to bring guests with them.

Account Customization

Customize your page to embody your Enterprise! (You have the option to customize this for all your events)

Write a description to share details of your account.

-To ensure your uploaded logo height does not exceed 60px:

-Open Mac Tools > Adjust Size > Height set to 60 or less and select scale proportionally.

-Save the image & upload into our platform.

Health Screening Form Confirguration

The health screening form configuration is an extremely important part of your account.

You can customize the verbiage of each question, add questions, and remove questions giving
you full control over the screening process.

Enable or disable proof of vaccine card upload or negative test result.

You can disable proof upload altogether.

You can also toggle the on-site testing option, in which case we can provide on-site
testing services at your event.

CrowdPass has its own health waiver, but if your company/business wants to upload
their own, you have the option to do that on this page.

You have the option to customize the invite to register and health screening form on
the sidebar of your dashboard.

User Features



Digital-Health Screening

Health Screening Form

Digital-Health Waiver

Upload Navigation  Test  Results or Vaccine Proof

Data and Analytics

Green Check Mark


User Feature 3 - Upload Navigation Test Results or Vaccine Proof
User Feature 2 - Health Screening Form
User Feature 3 - Upload Navigation Test Results or Vaccine Proof
User Feature 4 - Green Check Mark
Create Organization Profile

Customize Your Experience

Create Event

Monitor Registration

Green Check Marks in the Dashboard

Monitor Stats in the Dashboard

Export Data of Attendees

Export Data of Users

Admin Feature 1 - Control Access of Attendees
Admin Feature 2- Create Organization Profile
Admin Feature 3 - Create Event
Admin Feature 4 - Montior Events and relevant stats in the Dashboard
Admin Feature 5 - Export Data of Attendees

Setting Up Your Plan With CrowdPass

If you know the amount of attendees and it's a one time event, you can make payment from the left side. If you are still unsure about the size and if it will be recurring, be sure
to contact a CrowdPass sales representative for an access code.

*Reach out to a sales representative for monthly or annual subscription plans.

Registration Link + QR

Share the account link with your users, this URL can be shared in a lot of different ways including:

-Use at event entry (Poster etc…)

-Embed link on your website

-Send invite link from messenger


Select the “How to prepare XLSX”

Use our CrowdPass attendee List template to collect attendee information

Make sure the email for each person is unique

Upload Manually

Attendees can also be added manually by
the organizer including their name,
email, and phone number (optional)

Sending out Registration & Health Screening Form

Once your attendees are loaded into your dashboard, you can send an invitation to register and send out the health screening form as well. There is also an option to export the list as a CSV file once all of the attendees have completed the process of registering, and being approved.


From the settings page, you have the ability to customize all of your event details. You can always go back and make some of these changes to your event!

Check In Process

When you have completed creating your account, make sure to send the event link to a member of our team so that you can be fully onboarded and into our system!

Have Any Other Questions?

Reach Out!