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Q: How Secure Is Someone’s Data and Information On CrowdPass?

Data security is definitely one of CrowdPass’ top priorities.  We have partnered with two amazing companies to ensure the highest level of security for all of our clients and their event attendees: MedStack and Securicy.  

MedStack is a great HIPAA-compliant platform that delivers built-in privacy and security protocols that cover all typical healthcare industry practice on personal data such as encryption, certificate and key management, backups, monitoring and logging.  With MedStack’s secure solution, CrowdPass can safely host attendee’s health screening process as well as storing these medical data from the contact-tracing period (28 days) until the disposal period (after 28 days).  Therefore, all the information collected from each user will only be accessed internally for health-screening purposes and contact-tracing purposes.

On the other hand, we utilize Securicy for constant quality control of our system security.  Securicy is an information security management platform for businesses from start-up to large enterprises.  The Securicy platform uses industry-leading best practices to generate information security policies for our web application CrowdPass and automatically create implementation tasks.  They frequently audit our system such as with penetration tests to evaluate our security level and provide tools, resources, and advice for building and maintaining our security compliance.

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