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Q1: Why I Can’t Click Submit For My Health Screening Form?

If you’re having trouble clicking the SUBMIT button (aka button not lighting up), chances are you have missed one of the required fields while completing your health form which would prevent one from submitting the health form to our system. Please double-check and ensure that you have completed the following components:

1. Tick on the box next to the waiver as a way of confirming that you have read and accepted all conditions in the waiver.

2. Answer all screening questions (yes/no). Failure to not answer any question would block the submit button.

3. Actually select whether you will provide vaccination record proof or negative testing results. Not selecting one of the options would prevent the upload/camera option to appear for you to upload or take a picture of your document.

4. If you choose to provide vaccine proof, beside uploading the document, you are required to also provide more information regarding your vaccine type and date of each dose. We recommend selecting the date from the calendar GUI rather than manually inputting it as format issues might occur and prevent our system from recognizing the field as being completed.

P/s: Sometimes switching to a different browser would fix the issue too. On the other hand, if your issue persists, feel free to reach out to our support team directly at with a screenshot of your issue and our team will help you as soon as possible.

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