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Completing and Submitting Health Forms: Using The Embedded Health Form Button
Q1: Why I Can’t Click Submit For My Health Screening Form?
Q2: Do I Really Need to Complete the Health Screening Form Myself or I Can Just Email Your Team My Document?
Q3: I Accidentally Uploaded the Wrong Document For My Previous Submission. How Can I Fix It?
Q4: Am I Approved ? How Can I Check?
Q5: My Account Name Is Wrong and Does Not Reflect My Legal Name.How Can I Update It?
Q6: My Submission Has Been Rejected Because I Uploaded the Wrong/Unqualified Document.  What Should I Do?
Q7: I’m Attending the Events With Other People.  How Do I Let Them Also Complete the Health Screening Forms?
Q8: How Secure Is Someone’s Data and Information On CrowdPass?

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