Testing As A Service

CrowdHealth is a medical supply company that sources and supplies medical grade equipment across the country. We now offer testing as a service for events of all kinds, offering top quality rapid testing kits and CLIA certified on-site techs to administer tests.

The rapid testing kits we offer are the Abbott BinaxNOW and Access Bio CareStart rapid tests. Both are over the counter products, but require to be administered by a nurse on-site. Our tests start at $25 and can vary on cost depending on the event size. The minimum order size is 100 tests for such events.

We also offer on-site technicians to administer these tests to your attendees. Each nurse will require a price of $950 for an 8 hour day rate and $120 for every hour over that allotted time frame. The minimum event size to request an on-site technician is 500 attendees.

CrowdHealth Testing as A Service

Our team is committed to meeting all of your on-site testing needs.